Quality design cannot be realized without collaboration.


Natalie O Design is a boutique team of innovative design talents who inspire others to be their most authentic selves, in their homes and daily walks. We strive to balance form and function and know that quality design cannot be realized without respect and collaboration. Collectively, it is our goal to provide contemporary, creative insight for residential and commercial design for people who enjoy going against the grain. 


 Photos by Luke Metzinger

Photos by Luke Metzinger


Natalie Officer is the driving creative force behind Natalie O Design. As the Voice Tribune noted, she is first and foremost a storyteller, "the narrator, the interpreter and the voice that allows (client’s) stories to be expressed with clarity and beauty." Natalie is the first face you’ll meet and the last person to ensure the ultimate design is your reflection.

A graduate of Indiana University with 20 years experience in fashion and design in places from Chicago to London, Natalie brings a fresh and learned approach to Louisville. In the past 8 years, she has sought to move the needle for design in Louisville. Realizing that interior design grants ambassadorship for local artists, Natalie works to involve rising makers in both residential and commercial projects. The spine of Natalie's craft is rooted in deep searches for innovative and unique pieces for every job. She thrives on the use of textiles, texture, and unexpected touches. Over everything, Natalie O Design ensures each space is entirely particular to it’s form, function, and feel.

Natalie’s home is being surrounded by her husband and three children in their restored farmhouse on the fringe of Anchorage. She has served as a volunteer for Susan G. Komen Louisville, a four year member of Greater Louisville Outstanding Women, and a current board member of Hope Scarves. Her passion is to evolve in design and in community with continued appreciation for all the richness of diversity in art, culture and personality.


CHELSEY COX, designer

Chelsey came to Natalie O. Design after nearly five years in branding and marketing for 21c Museum Hotels. She has fostered a lifelong passion for aesthetics, traveling everywhere she can and earning a degree in Art History from the University of Florida and an Art Business Masters degree from Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York City. She not only loves creativity in design, but creativity in the kitchen, where she spends her free time cooking for friends and family. She and her husband live in Old Louisville, surrounded by all old Victorian mansions, in the only mid-century modern home in the neighborhood...and they wouldn't have it any other way. 



Taylor cremo, Marketing + Operations Manager

Taylor joins Natalie O. Design with a sustainable design and planning degree from the University of Florida. After three years of environmental consulting, she’s excited to contribute aesthetically to environments. Taylor strives for lean and functional design drawing from her experience as a LEED Green Associate and past program advisor for clients ranging from counties to college students. Constantly traveling, she has a love of found objects with stories, and aims for each Natalie O. Design home to reflect their own stories.


Julie Metzinger, Brand & project manager

Julie Metzinger is the most recent addition to Natalie O Design. Her accomplishments in floral design, event planning, and accounting bring a superior level of detail and foresight to the team. As a design lover and recent full-scale home renovator, when working with NOD she fully understands the intention of the work, and the importance placed on client care. As someone who is drawn to the aesthetic art of NOD, the brand identity is near and dear to her heart. Her library of Dwell and Atomic Ranch back issues rival any enthusiast and make her a great support to our design team. In her spare time, Julie is an Iron Tribe warrior, Scottie dog fan, and loved mother of five. In real terms, she runs the show.


luke metzinger, visual artist

Luke is a self- taught photographer who began shooting in 2008. His specialty and passion is in capturing and sharing the spirit and charisma of beautiful brands, people, and places, which makes Natalie O Design the perfect creative environment. Luke is passionate about roadtrips and hopes that his shared travels will influence others to seek their own authentic moments. Cruising around in his 1976 Volkswagen Bus with an old Hasselblad 500c/m at his side, and some well worn Red Wings on his feet, it comes as no surprise that he is a Nostalgia enthusiast and a lover of all things vintage. For Luke, a perfect night is spent in the Smokies, huddled around a campfire, listening to country music, with a camera in one hand and a cold beer in the other.